The last snow?

Could yesterdays storm possibly be the last for the winter?

Last year, I believe we were finished with snow by March.

But in 2014, four inches fell on March 12.

Here is a little watercolor painted when I was more in love with winter:

snowflake watercolor

Winter did I hear you say “goodbye” until the fall?  Please, don’t tease us!

Dance Love

Codi ballerina 2

My pretty little ballerina granddaughter, you bring back memories from long ago

I loved the exhilarating  moves

The pique turns across the room, the jetes, and the pas de chat

And I am happy that those years of lessons helped me be a little more limber and graceful during these later years.  What a deeper level of clumsiness I could be at now!

Codi, maybe dancing will be your heart’s delight!   Maybe not.

Your Grandma is so proud of you for giving it a try, and loves watching every plie and  pirouette you perform.

January Adventure

We started 2016 in Virginia, with Lisa and Cam.   I can’t express our enjoyment of getting away to visit with them, and spend time in the mountains.

I am a little superstitous about how to spend the first day of a new year.  It must be spent on something worthwhile, as this is symbolic of how time will be spent during the rest of the year.  Lisa and I enjoyed an almost daily walk along the Shenandoah River, tackling an especially long hilly trail on New Year’s Day.   Perfect.   If this year is filled with walks outdoors in nature, it will be a wonderful year!



Jeff and Cam went fishin’….it was a good day on the water for them.



January 2 we ventured out to Great Falls National Park, in Viriginia.   Water  so powerful, rugged cliffs, trails winding along the rocky edge.

















What’s really amazing is that this entire gorge will flood to overflowing.  As shown below, I would have been underwater during the years marked on the post.


Remnants of the Patowmack Canal, built by George Washington’s company in the late 1700’s to bypass the Falls.



We really had a great time exploring this place.

Thank you Lisa and Cam for the memorable and perfect start to 2016.


Lisa has a beautiful garden, is an animal rescuer and rehabber and a gifted artist.  You will see what a beautiful person my SIL is….visit her blog, here.